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Pairwise Testing: Way to Optimize the Test Execution

Saturday, November 17th, 2012

It’s very common to create automation assets with robust exception handling to address positive/negative test condidtions. In almost all cases, what is overlooked is the data selection and how to optimize the ‘data’ rows to maximize the test coverage.

It’s scientifically proven that it’s not necessary to cover all combinations but cover all possible ‘pairs’ that make sense to maximize the coverage and reduce the execution time. It’s very common to spend months of time to finalize the test data by the business groups. In a common scenario business group gets dump of database with thousands of rows as test data. The validity and optimization related to number of rows is always overlooked.

Next generation testing technologies (automated testing) are looking to fill this gap via integrated solution or built ins. Tough economic times require tough measures and inefficiencies are to be dealth with thoroughly. It’s time to take a serious look  at the data optimization related to test’s business result.

Here is a great website that has lot of Pairwise Testing resources.