Extending the ALM value by Integrating HP Quality Center/ALM with 3rd party defect tracking systems

Benefit of application support/development outsourcing is well known to fortune 1000 customers. In almost all cases customers have various degrees of application outsourcing (AO) for applications that are under sustained mode. Customers are also expected to test periodically and report bugs/enhancement requests to an outsourced vendor. Customers have access to Quality Center within their environment whereas outsourced vendors have their own defect tracking system to manage the SDLC of the application.

A current challenge for customers with outsourcing is to track enhancements/bugs via manual mechanism resulting in lower productivity. In addition to this, there is no way to tracking the SLA with outsourced vendor or reinforce the accountability to right levels.

HP Quality Center/ALM can integrate with a 3rd party defect tracking system over the web and offer a seamless value to both customer and outsourcing vendor to meet quality objectives. Quality Center’s synchronizer adapter SDK can help bridge this gap and extend the ALM ROI to the next level. This will not only keep two organizations connected but it also increases the productivity and hence profitability on both sides. Customers who have one or many outsourced vendors and have global presence should give a serious thought to this.

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  1. Satyapal says:

    I concur with this. I believe there are thousands of customers who’ll be benefited with this especially who have development/support SDLC based of non-Mercury/HP technologies. Clearly the value is getting global visibility into externally managed system and improve SLA

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