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Quality People, Process & Product Review

Quality People, Process & Product Review

If your company wants to reduce business risk on a consistent basis, your IT organization needs to be firmly focused on delivering the highest levels of quality for the applications and services it provides to the business.

That is a problem for many IT organizations that lack the right tools and processes for enterprise-scale quality management. Many organizations use stand-alone documents and disparate systems to track a multitude of quality and testing projects-all running simultaneously at various stages of completion. This leads to inevitable problems.

A lack of consistent, repeatable processes results in a proliferation of testing tools, inefficient and redundant testing procedures, excessive demand on resources, and poor capital allocation. Disorganization, shifting priorities, and rushed deadlines push user frustration to the limits. Visibility across quality projects is murky at best-making it difficult to prioritize efforts based on the objectives and needs of the business. The result, ultimately, is poor quality and increased business risk.

iDeliver can help customers understand their problem via performing proactive QP3R that is geared towards analyzing the existing quality processes, technologies and human capital involved in achieving quality. The purpose of the iDeliver’s QP3R services is to identify strengths and areas for improvements. The QP3R includes interviews of your team in order to identify existing process gaps, technology leveraged and inherent risks to application delivery to production. iDeliver analyzes the data and makes suggestions to achieve maximum ROI with optimal usage of resources.

Key Deliverables:

  • Assessment report that is comprised of a document and a PowerPoint presentation.
  • Recommendations to improve quality of application delivery.
Client Speak

“iDeliver did a fabulous job in helping us get the BAC scripts ready in no time. Our internal customer went live with monitoring on time.

Sr. Manager
IT Shared Services
at a leading Grocery Chain

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